Author Bourgery [J. M.] and [N. H.] Jacob Anatomie élémentaire. [Two fine anatomical plates]
Published 1842
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Bruxelles, Société Typografique Belge; Leipzig, Wahlen, 1842. Two lithographed broadsheets (91.0 x 54.5 cm and 88.0 x 54.5 cm). A fine and rare work by the French medical doctor Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery (1797-1849) and the French painter and lithographer Nicolas Henri Jacob (1782-1871), both better known from their later published Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme, comprenant l'anatomie chirurgicale et la médecine opératoire . The current work, fully titled Anatomie élémentaire en 20 planches, avec un texte explicatif à part, formant un manuel complet d'anatomie physiologique , consists of a series of twenty very large anatomical plates, and an additional small explanatory textbook (here not included). From this suite, these are two matching plates, namely Planche 3, Myologie et Aponévrologie - Plan anterieur , or muscles and nerves, frontal, and Planche 5, Myologie Aponévrologie , or muscles and blood vessels seen dorsally. These two plates obviously form a pair, as the view is identical, and the subjects are closely related. A few skilful repairs. Since these plates were meant to be used in medical schools and hospitals, they are usually found well-used, with spotting, creasing, chipping, annotations, stamps, etc., but this set is unusually clean and bright. Very rare in this fine condition. Two superb anatomical plates - very rare in this condition