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Xenopus rothschildi [lithographed plate of an undescribed frog]
London, no publisher, ca. 1910. Single sheet (31.9 x 25.3 cm). With eight lithographed images of Xenopus species.
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An unknown plate containing a possibly valid name and illustration of an undescribed frog
Histoire n...
Audebert, J. B.
Histoire naturelle des singes, peints d'après nature. [AND] Histoire naturelle [des singes et] des makis. [Complete].
Paris, l'Auteur, [AND] H. J. Jansen, 1797-[An 8 = 1799]. Two volumes in one. Folio (49.2 x 31.8 cm). Three half-titles, two title pages; 178 pp. [24, 4, 4, 10, 4, 8, 10, 24, 14, 8, 10, 8, 44, iv, 2]; 63 engraved plates of which 61 finely colour-printed, with additional original hand-colouring, and two plain, as intended. Contemporary, empire style, full calf. Boards with triple gilt borders and embossed floral vignettes, central vignette of a lyre. Spine with seven raised bands, gilt vignettes (vases) and morocco label with gilt title. Later marbled endpapers.
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Primatology at its most beautiful - by an artist turned scientist
Recueil de...
Bertrand, É.
Recueil de divers traites sur l'histoire naturelle de la terre et des fossiles.
Avignon, Louis Chambeau, 1766. 4to (25.6 x 19.3 cm). Portrait, [iv], 552 pp. Contemporary full mottled calf. Spine with five raised band, compartments with gilt floral ornaments and morocco label with gilt title. Marbled endpapers. Edges red.
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A fine convolute of the writer's most important works
Faune de l...
Bouet, G.
Faune de l'Union Française (Ancienne Faune de l'Empire Français). Volumes XVI-XVII. Oiseaux de l'Afrique Tropicale (première et deuxième partie). [Complete].
Paris, Office de la Recherches Scientifique Outre-Mer [AND] Larose, 1955-1961. Two parts in two. Very large 8vo (28.2 x 19.0 cm). 798 [412; 386] pp., 139 [87, 52] (groups of) text figures. Original uniform printed wrappers.
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With the author's African hunting permit
Brücke, E. [W. von]
Untersuchungen über den Farbenwechsel des afrikanischen Chamäleons.
Wien, Kaiserliche Academie der Wissenschaften, 1852. Folio (38.5 x 27.5 cm). 32 pp., one chromolithographed plate. Disbound, contemporary blind wrappers.
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The rare first, 1852 edition
Camus, E. and P. Bergon and A. Camus.
Monographie des orchidées de l'Europe, de l'Afrique septentrionale, de l'Asie mineure et des provinces Russes transcaspiennes.
Paris, Jacques Lechevalier, 1908. 4to (27.2 x 21.0 cm). 484 pp., 32 lithographed plates. Cloth with gilt-titled morocco label on spine, marbled flyleaves. Original printed wrappers bound in.
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A peculiar and little-known work on orchids
Commelin, C.
Praeludia botanica ad publicas plantarum exoticarum demonstrationes dicta in Horto Medico, cum demonstrationes exoticarum 3 Octobris 1701, & 29 Maji 1702. ex auctoritate Nobilissimorum & Amplissimorum D. Consulum auspicatur. His accudent plantarum exoticarum, in praeludiis botanicis recensitarum, icones & descriptiones.
Lugduni Batavorum (Leiden), J. du Vivie, 1715. 4to (25.1 x 20.2 cm). [viii], 86 pp., with 33 engravings pasted on folded leaves (one double-sized). Rebacked contemporary half goatskin with original speckled boards and original hand-stamped endpapers.
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A very rare and important work on exotic plants in which the Geranium Africanum is depicted for the first time
Rariorum p...
Commelin, J. and C. Commelin
Rariorum plantarum Horti Medici Amstelodamensis descriptio & icones. Beschryvinge en curieuse afbeeldingen van rare vreemde Africaansche, Oost-West-Indische en andere gewassen vertoont in den Amsterdamsche Kruyd-Hof. Met groote moeyte en arbeid op stads-kosten in vele jaren aangewend, en by een versameld door Casparus Commelin M. D. en botanicus horti Medici.
Amsterdam, P. Blaeu, J. Blaeu and [the widow of] Abraham van Someren (1697, 1701). Two parts in two. Folio (near matching at 39.8 x 26.2 cm and 40.0 x 25.5 cm). Part I: Latin half title; Latin title in two colours with title vignette; Dutch title (do.); engraved allegorical frontispiece showing the virgin of Amsterdam in a foreign (subtropical) landscape amidst exotic people offering plants as gifts; coat-of-arms of Joannes Huydecoper, and that of Joannes Commelin, dedication leaves (Latin and Dutch) to the mayors of Amsterdam; [8], 220 pp., 110 engraved plates showing 112 numbered plants with explanatory text leafs in Latin and Dutch, each with floral vignette at the end of each description. Part II: Latin half title, allegorical frontispiece, showing Theophrastus teaching botany in the real Hortus garden, with the houses along the Nieuwe Herengracht canal in the background, Dutch title page, dedication page (to the mayors of Amsterdam, and to the trustees of the Hortus). Coat-of-arms of Franciscus de Vroede (senator of the Hortus), Joannes Huydecoper (curator) and Gerbrandus Pancras (do.). [4], 224, [4] pp., and 113 plates, numbered up to 112 with fig. 4 in two different states (on recto and verso of one leaf), as intended. Thus, in total: two frontispieces, five coats-of-arms and 225 numbered plates on 222 leaves. Both volumes in contemporary vellum, but not an exact match.
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A homage to one of the oldest, most beautiful, and most influential horti in Europe
Achttien j...
Cruickshank, B. [Brodie-Cruickshank]
Achttien jaren aan de goudkust, door Brodie-Cruickshank; uit het Engelsch vertaald en met een inleiding vermeerderd door D. P. H. J. Weijtingh. eerste deel - Tweede deel. [Complete].
Amsterdam, Weijtingh & Van der Hart, 1855. Two parts in one. 8vo (22.7 x 13.4 cm). xvi, 251; xiv, 208 pp. Large, folded frontispiece plate. 20th-century cloth with gilt title on the spine. Original printed wrappers bound in.
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Only Dutch edition, with additional information
Curtis, W.
Monodora myristica. [Calabash nutmeg].
London, L. Reeve, 1892. 8vo-sized (25.0 x 15.6 cm). Hand-coloured lithographed plate. Printed on one side.
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A finely illustrated plate from William Curtis's famous "Botanical Magazine"
A letter f...
Ellis, J.
A letter from John Ellis, Esq; F. R. S. to the President, on the Coluber cerastes , or horned viper of Egypt.
London, The Royal Society, 1766. 4to (22.0 x 16.5 cm). Four pp., one large double-folded plate. Disbound.
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First accurate illustration of the horned viper
Fowler, H. W. [AND] V. [F. M.] Fitzsimons
Scientific Results of the Vernay-Lang Kalahari Expedition, March to September 1930. The Freshwater fishes. [AND] Reptilia and Amphibia.
Cambridge, The University Press, 1935. Two papers in one 8vo (25.0 x 16.1 cm). 147 [44; 103] pp.; 6 [4, 2] plates; 48 [18; 30] text figures. Original pictorial wrappers.
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Rare works on Kalahari Desert fishes, amphibians and reptiles