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Fowler, H. W. [AND] V. [F. M.] Fitzsimons
Scientific Results of the Vernay-Lang Kalahari Expedition, March to September 1930. The Freshwater fishes. [AND] Reptilia and Amphibia.
Cambridge, The University Press, 1935. Two papers in one 8vo (25.0 x 16.1 cm). 147 [44; 103] pp.; 6 [4, 2] plates; 48 [18; 30] text figures. Original pictorial wrappers.
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Rare works on Kalahari Desert fishes, amphibians and reptiles
Fauna der...
Fritsch, A.
Fauna der Gaskohle und der Kalksteine der Permformation Böhmens. Band I-IV. [Complete].
Prag, Selbstverlag and F. Řivnáč, 1879-1899 [1901?]. Four volumes in four. Folio (34.0 x 25.5 cm). 459 pp., lavishly illustrated with 167 mostly chromolithographed plates (several double-sized or larger, folded), and over 400 text engravings, of which some plate-sized. Volume I (1883): 182 pp., 48 plates (some larger, folded, a few plain), 160 text engravings; volume II (1889): 114 pp., 44 plates (several larger, folded; numbered 49-90, 80b, 81b), 79 text figures (numbered 117-188); vol. III (1895): 132 pp., 42 plates [several (much) larger; numbered 91-132], 122 text engravings (numbered 189-310); vol. IV (1901): 101 pp., full colour frontispiece, of a landscape with "Miriopoden"; 33 plates (numbered 133-165), 64 text engravings (numbered 311-394, and including phototypes of fossil animals and tracks, freshwater bivalves, and, e.g. the author at work). Original uniform brown cloth sumptuously embossed with black floral borders, and gilt vignettes depicting Permian amphibians, reptiles and fish. Marbled edges.
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Magnificent and exceedingly rare work on the fossil faunas of Bohemia
Die Reptil...
Fritsch, A. [J.]
Die Reptilien und Fische der böhmischen Kreideformation.
Prag, Verlag des Verfassers (Fr. Řivnáč), 1878. Large 4to (33.5 x 25.1 cm). [ii], 44, [ii] pp.; 66 text engravings; ten lithographed plates of which nine tinted, and two larger, folded. Original blind quarter linen over printed boards.
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A rare, finely illustrated monograph on the well-preserved cretaceous fish and reptile fauna of Bohemia
De salaman...
Funk, A. F.
De salamandrae terrestris. Vita, evolutione, formatione. Tractatus.
Berlin, Duncker & Humblot, 1827. Tall folio (44.9 x 26.7 cm). xiii, 60 pp.; three fine, large, hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Spine with gilt lines; front board with red morocco label with gilt ornamental borders and gilt title. Edges yellow.
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A spotless, unmarked copy of a very rare work in a very nice, contemporary binding
Gervais, [F. L.] P.
Bibliothèque des sciences naturelles. Zoologie. Reptiles vivants et fossiles.
Paris, Germer Baillière, 1869. Large 8vo (25.0 x 16.0 cm). 82 pp., 19 lithographed plates. Original printed wrappers.
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Dedication copy of the rare, updated, separate edition
Gervais, P.
Ostéologie du Sphargis luth ( Sphargis coriacea ).
Paris, Muséum d'Histoire naturelle de Paris, 1872. Large 4to. (32.5 x 25.2 cm). 30 pp., five lithographed plates. Original printed wrappers.
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The leatherback: inside out
Gibson-Hill, C. A.
Contributions to the natural history of Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean.
Singapore, the Raffles Museum, 1947. 8vo (24.5 x 15.5 cm). 182 pp., seven plates, many text figures, including two maps. Original printed wrappers.
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The first monograph on the natural history of this enigmatic island with original observations
Godron, R.
Musterblätter für naturzeichnen und malen.
Hannover and Wien, Günther Wagner, 1906. Folio (46.0 x 31.0 cm). [i] p.; 15 loose full colour pochoir plates. Original paper-covered quarter linen portfolio with printed full colour pictorial title mounted on the front board. Patterned endpapers.
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A rare complete copy of this finely illustrated work
Traité de...
Grassé, P. P. (ed.)
Traité de Zoologie, anatomie, systématique, biologie. Tome XIV. Fascicule I-A. Amphibiens. [AND] Fascicule I-B. Amphibiens. Batraciens. Appareil uro-génital (suite) - Embryogenèse - Éthologie - Origine, Évolution, Systématique. [AND] Fascicule II. Reptiles. Caractères généraux et anatomie. [AND] Fascicule III. Reptiles. Glandes endocrines - Embryologie - Systématique - Paléontologie. [Complete].
Paris, Masson, 1970-1995. Four parts in four. Thick 8vo (24.0 x 15.8 cm). I-A (1995) 1,355 pp., 558 text figures; 1-B (1986) ii, 828 pp. 346 text figures; II (1970) pp. 1-680, xxxii, text figures 1-453; III (1970) pp. 681-1,428, text figures 455-984. For a total of 3,645 pp., and 1,888 text figures. Original uniform pictorial boards with gilt and red linings. Each in a transparent sleeve.
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The rare, complete herpetology by Grass
Beiträge z...
Gravenhorst, J. L. C. C.
Beiträge zur genauern Kenntniss einiger Eidechsengattungen.
Breslau and Bonn, Academia Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae, 1837. Large 4to (29.3 x 22.4 cm) title page, 72 pp. [pp. 713-784], three finely engraved plates. Contemporary pebbled cloth over marbled boards. Gilt title on the spine.
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"...an extremely important paper" (Vanzolini)
Über die i...
Gravenhorst, J. L. C. [C.]
Über die im zoologischen Museum der Universität Breslau befindlichen Wirtelschleichen (Pseudosaura), Krüppelfüssler (Brachypoda), und einige andere, denselben verwandte Reptilien aus den Zünften der Schleigen und Dickzüngler.
Breslau, Academia Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae, 1847. 4to (29.6 x 22.6 cm). Title page, 102 pp., 19 engraved plates. Later blind green cloth boards, printed paper label on the spine.
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On new and little-known 'glass' lizards
Reptilia M...
Gravenhorst, J. L. C. [C.]
Reptilia Musei zoologici Vratislaviensis. Recensita et descripta. [OR] Deliciae Musei zoologici Vratislaviensis. Fasciculus primus. Continens Chelonios et Batrachia.
Lipsiae [Leipzig], Leopold Voss, 1829. Folio (40.5 x 25.5 cm). Half-title, double title page, 106 pp. including dedication page and second half title; 17 finely engraved plates of which 13 delicately hand-coloured. Contemporary pebbled half cloth over dark grey marbled boards. Later printed label on the spine.
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A great copy of an exceedingly rare and scientifically important herpetological work