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Haeckel, E.
Kunstformen der Natur. Plate 67. Vampyrus - Chiroptera - Fledertiere. [Bats].
Leipzig and Wien, Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, 1904. Folio-sized sheet, printed on one side (36.3 x 27.3 cm). Halftone print.
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A very fine, lithographed plate drawn by Ernst Haeckel, showing the amazing variability in bat faces
Herschel, W.
Description of a forty-feet reflecting telescope.
London, The Royal Society of London, 1795. Large 4to (29.5 x 23.2 cm). pp. 347-399, plus 19 folding plates showing a total of 47 figures, including the famous huge foldout plate of this enormous telescope. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards.
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The original description of the largest telescope of the 18th century, or the eighth wonder of the world”
Howitt's e...
Howitt, S.
Howitt's etchings. [Album of animal etchings]
London, Edward Orme, 1809-1810. Oblong folio (22.9 x 29.4 cm). 53 fine, detailed, and lively etchings. Near contemporary grained half calf over marbled boards. Gilt title and ornaments on the spine. Marbled endpapers. Top edge gilt.
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Some of Samuel Howitt's finest etchings
Huet, J. B.
Collection de Mammiferes du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris; classée suivant la méthode de M. Cuvier, secrétaire perpétuel de l'institut, et professeur d'anatomie comparée au Muséum d'Histoire naturelle; dessinée d'après nature par Huet, dessinateur du Muséum et professeur de dessin pour la zoologie audit Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de paris, et gravée par J. B. Huet jeune; accompagnée d'un texte descriptif et d'un tableau des ordres, des familles, et de caractères appartenant à chacune d'elles.
Paris, Blance Ainé, 1829. 4to (30.0 x 22.6 cm). 60 pp., 55 plates. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Spine rich gilt with a floral pattern, and gilt title. Marbled endpapers. Speckled edges.
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A rare work on mammals with fine illustrations of animals in the Paris zoological gardens
Huet, J. B.
Recherches sur les écureuils Africains.
Paris, Muséum d'Histoire naturelle de Paris, 1880. 4to (31.3 24.0 cm). 28 pp., two nicely chromolithographed plates by Keulemans, finished by hand. Disbound.
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A very nicely illustrated monograph on African squirrels
Storia nat...
[Jacob, N. H.]
Storia naturale delle scimie e dei maki, disposta con ordine da P. Hugues, dietro le scoperte dei più rinomati naturalisti; arrichita di schiarimenti relativi ai costumi, astuzie, nutrimenti, e climi abitati da questi Quadrumani; con la maniera di dar loro la caccia, e d'un idea sull' uso e la proprietà dello loro carne in medicina. Dedicata a S. A. il Principe Eugenio di Beauharnais.
Milano, P. Hugues, 1822. Two volumes in one. Large folio (45.0 x 32.5 cm). First volume with engraved title page in sepia, engraved plate "Confronti di alcuni tratti di decrescente analogia nel profilo e nelle fisica constituzione del cranio dell' uomo e delle scimie", [vi, preface and systematics]; 73 (numbered III-V, and I-LXX) fine stipple engraved plates of apes and monkeys, each with descriptive captions in Italian. Several additional half-titles; the second volume on makis is titled "Dei lemuriani ossia maki propriamente detti", and has three introductory pages numbered ii-iv, a first half-title, ten plates, a second half-title (to the loris), a one-page introduction, and three plates, a third half title (to the makis), an unnumbered text leaf, and another two plates, a fourth half-title (to the genus Galago ), another one-page introduction, and the final two plates, for a total of 15 plates, and an index page numbered xvi, and a grand total - for both volumes combined - of 88 plates. Contemporary blind half vellum over plain boards.
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Second, altered, Italian edition of this splendidly illustrated monograph on apes and monkeys
De walvisc...
[Jong, D. De]
De walvischvangst, met veele byzonderheden daartoe betrekkelyk. Met plaaten. Eerste - Tweede - Derde - Vierde deel. [Complete].
Amsterdam, Peter Conrad; Harlingen, Volkert van der Plaats, 1784-1786. Four parts in two. 4to (27.0 x 22.0 cm). Six folding engraved maps, of which one of the first maps showing the entire Arctic region including Greenland, Spitsbergen, Nova Zembla and the northern coast of eastern Siberia, and a special (perhaps first) map exclusively of Nova Zembla (including the northern part of Russia, Spitsbergen and the Island of Jan Mayen). 15 engraved plates show the hunting of the whales, the "cachelot" itself and several arctic birds. Uniform later full mottled calf in a stunning period style. Spines with five raised, gilt-ornamented bands; compartment rich gilt with floral vignettes. Red and olive morocco labels with gilt title. Gilt dentelles.
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18th century whaling: explained and illustrated
Jonston, J.
Historiae naturalis e quadrupeditus libri [I], de quadrupetibus, libri II [AND] III de insectis [AND] de serpentibus, libri V de piscubus et cetis [AND] IV, de exanguibus aquaticis, Libri VI. De avibus. [Complete].
Frankfurt am Main, Matthias Merian, 1650-1653. Six parts in four. Folio (32.6 x 19.6 cm) with 249 engraved plates and six engraved title pages (four resembling frontispieces, engraved by Matthias Merian). Part I (no date, but 1650) 232 [iv] pp., 80 plates; Part III (AND) Part II (1653) 200, [vii]; 40, [iii] pp., 40 [28, 12] plates; Part V (no date, but 1650) (AND) part IV (1650) 228; 78; [xii] pp., 67 [47, 20] plates; Part VI (1650). 227, [vii] pp. 62 plates. Contemporary uniform full mottled calf. Spines with six raised bands, compartments with rich gilt floral patterns and two green morocco labels with gilt titles.
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A complete copy of the rare first edition of Johnston's famous "Historiae Naturalis"
Opera omni...
Kerckring, T.
Opera omnia anatomica; continentia spicilegium anatomicum, osteogeniam foetuum: nec non anthropogeniae ichnographiam. Accuratissimus figuris aeri incisis illustrata. Editio tertia.
Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden], Theodorus Haak and Samuel Luchtmans, 1729. Three works in one. 4to (23.2 x 18.3 cm). Frontispiece engraving by A. Blotelingh, title page with woodcut vignette "Tuta sub Aegide Pallas", xx, 303 pp., including titles to the "Osteogenia foetuum, in qua quis cuique ossiculo singulis accedat mesibus, quidve decedat, & in eo per varia immutetur tempora, accuratissimè oculis subjicitur" (with copper engraved vignette "Structa super lapidem qui ruet ista domus" and blank verso) and "Anthropogeniae ichnographia sive conformatio foetus ab ovo usque sad ossificationis principia, in supplementum osteogeniae foetuum" (with wood-engraved vignette); 40 engraved plates (several large, folding); Marbled limp paper boards, green label with script title on the spine.
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A well-illustrated early work on the development of bones in human fetuses
Ambrae his...
Klobius, J.
Ambrae historiam ad omnipotentis dei gloriam, et hominum sanitatem.
Wittenberg, Mevius and Schumacher, Typis Henckel, 1666. 8vo (20.3 x 16.6 cm). Title page, [vi], 76 pp., three engraved plates and one folded engraved map of the world including the "Terra Australis incognita" and a peculiar map of "Iapan Olim Chrÿse". Contemporary vellum; spine with small morocco label with author's name and abridged title. Blue-grey edges. Preserved in a 20th century green cloth box (22.3 x 18.0 x 2.3 cm) with gilt lettered morocco label.
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Rare, early work on amber and ambergris
Knox, R.
Observations on the anatomy of the duck-billed animal of New South Wales, the Ornithorynchus paradoxus of naturalists [AND] Observations on the organs of digestion and their appendages, and on the organs of respiration and circulation, in the Ornithorynchus paradoxus [AND] On the kidneys, urinary bladder, and organs of generation, in the male of the Ornithorynchus paradoxus .
Edinburgh, Adam Black, 1824. 8vo (20.8 x 13.4 cm). 15+6+24 pp., three engraved plates. Contemporary quarter calf over marbled boards. Spine with gilt lines and title. Marbled endpapers. Speckled edges.
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Rare early contribution to the anatomy of the duck-billed Platypus
Histoire n...
Lacépède, B. G. É. De
Histoire naturelle de Lacépède, comprenant les cétacés,les quadrupèdes ovipares, les serpents et les poissons. Nouvelle édition précédée de l'éloge de Lacépède par Cuvier avec des notes et la nouvelle classification de M. A.-G. Desmarest.
Paris, Furne et Cie., 1855. Two parts in two. Large 8vo (25.8 x 16.7 cm). xii, 668, 647 pp. 36 nicely hand-coloured steel-engravings, tissue-guarded, all after Edouard Travies. Uniform contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Spines with gilt lines and title. Marbled endpapers.
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The second edition, with fine, hand-coloured plates