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On a metho...
Maxwell, J. C.
On a method of making a direct comparison of electrostatic with electromagnetic force; with a note on the electromagnetic theory of light.
London, The Royal Society, 1868. Large 4to (30.3 x 23.1 cm). 15 pp.; one text illustration [numbered 643-657 (658 blank)]. Contemporary marbled wrappers.
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His fifth major paper” (DSB)
On the the...
Maxwell, J. C.
On the theory of compound colours and the relations of the colours of the Spectrum.
London, Taylor & Francis, 1861 ["1860"]. 4to (30.0 x 23.2 cm). 28 pp.; two engraved plates. Later marbled boards with printed label mounted on the front board.
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First edition of the definitive publication by Maxwell on his theory of colour
Mayer, J. R.
Bemerkungen über die Kräfte der unbelebten Natur.
Heidelberg, C. F. Winter, 1842. 8vo (19.2 x 12.0 cm). 8 pp. Later olive buckram with gilt title and logo of the Chemists' Club on the spine.
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PMM 323
Theorie de...
Neumann, F. E.
Theorie der doppelten Strahlenbrechung, abgeleitet aus den Gleichungen der Mechanik.
Leipzig, Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1832. 8vo (18.8 x 11.9 cm). 37 pp. [numbered 418-454]. Grained quarter cloth over marbled boards.
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A great step towards simplifying elastic equations
Niels Bohr...
[Niels Bohr] J. R. Nielsen and D. Favrholdt and others (eds.)
Niels Bohr. Collected works. Volumes. 1-10.
Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publishers, 1972-1998. 4to (26.0 x 18.8 cm). 6,662 pp.; numerous figures, mathematical formulae, photographs and an index in each book. Uniform gilt-lettered black cloth.
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The complete Bohr on physics
Über den Z...
Pauli, W. [E.]
Über den Zusammenhang des Abschlusses der Elektronengruppen im Atom mit der Komplexstruktur der Spektren.
Berlin, Julius Springer, 1925. 8vo (21.1 x 15.2 cm). pp. 765-783 [complete volume: vii, 952 pp.]. Contemporary full red buckram. Gilt title on the spine. Edges speckled red.
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Pauli's discovery of the Exclusion Principle, which brought him a Nobel Prize in physics
Atomic bom...
Atomic bombs: Operation Crossroads, "Able" and "Baker" events.
Bikini, [not published], 1946. Two original photo prints. Each 25.4 x 20.6 cm.
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From a direct witness: the first Bikini bombs, exploding
Bulletin o...
Raman, C.V.
Bulletin of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. 1-15.
Calcutta, The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, 1909-1918. Fifteen parts in two. 8vo (23.4 x 17.1 cm). Uniform burgundy half cloth over marbled boards. Gilt title on the spines.
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A collection of works by Nobel Prize winner Chandrasekhara Vekata Raman
Über den W...
Ramsauer, C. [W.]
Über den Wirkungsquerschnitt der Gasmoleküle gegenüber langsamen Elektronen.
Leipzig, Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1921. 8vo (21.5 x 14.1 cm). 28 pp., six text illustrations. Contemporary half morocco over marbled boards. Spine with blind embossing, gilt title and vignettes. Floral endpapers. Speckled edges.
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The discovery of the Ramsauer-Townsend effect
Ueber eine...
Röntgen, W.
Ueber eine neue Art von Strahlen. (Vorläufige Mittheilung).
Würzburg, Sitzungsberichte der Physik.-Med. Gesellschaft zu Würzberg, 1895. 8vo. 9 pp. [numbered 132-141], including several calculations. Contemporary half cloth over marbled boards. Spine with gilt title.
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The discovery of X-rays. PMM 380
On a new k...
Röntgen, W.
On a new kind of rays.
London, Macmillan, 1895-1896. 4to (27.0 x 19.0 cm). 4 pp.; three text figures; Prof. Röntgen's discovery, X, 1½ pp. and one figure; the new actinic rays by A. Porter, a half page of text, and many more contributions such as: Medical applications of Röntgen's discovery. 3/4 pp., one figure, etc. Contemporary burgundy buckram binding. Gilt title on the spine. Patterned endpapers, sprinkled edges.
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The first English edition of Röntgen's discovery
Deutsche m...
Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrift. [The first papers on the application of Röntgen or X rays in medicine].
Leipzig und Berlin, [Thieme], 1896. Folio (31.5 x 23.6 cm). Numerous pages and illustrations including original, mounted photos. Later half cloth over marbled boards.
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The Big Bang of Roentgenology