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Estudios s...
Amaral, A. Do
Estudios sobre ophidios Neotropicos XVII-XXII.
São Paulo, Instituto Butantan, 1929. 4to (26.4 x 18.3 cm). 337 pp.; with several plates and text figures. Original printed wrappers.
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A collection of rare papers on Brazilian snakes
Amaral, A. Do
Albinismo em "Cobra Coral" (1). [AND] Três subespecies novas de Micrurus corallinus (Wied): M. corallinus corallinus, M. corallinus riesei e M. corallinus dumerilii . (2) [AND] Da invalidez da especie colubrideo elapineo Miceurus ibiboboca (Merrem) e rediscripção de M. lemniscatus (L.) (3). [AND] Sobre a Lachesis muta Daudin, 1803, especie ovipara. (4) [AND] Da invalidez da especie de colubrideo dipsadinea Sibynomorpus peruanus (Boettger). (5) [AND] Da occurrencia de albinismo em cascavel. (6) [AND] Albinismo em "dorme-dorme", Sibynomorphus turgidus (Cope, 1869). (7) [AND] Ophidios sul-americanos do Museo Carnegie e especies novas de Griffin. (8) [AND] Sobre os nomes genericos de ophidios Liophis Wagler, 1830 e Leimadophis Fitzinger, 1843. (9) [AND] Da invalidez do nome generico de ophidios Erpetodryas ou Herpetodryas . [(10)*] [AND] Sobre a pholidose dorsal da especies de colubridea, Philodryas aestivus (Dm & Bibr., 1854) e sobre a invalidez de Philodryas campicola Jensen, 1900. (11) [AND] Variações das marcas doraes de Crotalus terrificus Laurenti, 1768. (12). [AND] Bicephalia em ophidios. (13) [AND] Esudo comparativo da evolução ontogenetica de Pseudoboa claelia (Daudin, 1803) e Ps. haasi (Boettger, 1906). (14).
São Paulo, Museo Paulista, 1927. 14 papers in one. 8vo (23.0 x 15.5 cm). 111 pp.; with several plates and text figures. Original printed wrappers.
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Collectanea ophiologica: Fourteen rare papers on South American snakes
Histoire n...
Audebert, J. B.
Histoire naturelle des singes, peints d'après nature. [AND] Histoire naturelle [des singes et] des makis. [Complete].
Paris, l'Auteur, [AND] H. J. Jansen, 1797-[An 8 = 1799]. Two volumes in one. Folio (49.2 x 31.8 cm). Three half-titles, two title pages; 178 pp. [24, 4, 4, 10, 4, 8, 10, 24, 14, 8, 10, 8, 44, iv, 2]; 63 engraved plates of which 61 finely colour-printed, with additional original hand-colouring, and two plain, as intended. Contemporary, empire style, full calf. Boards with triple gilt borders and embossed floral vignettes, central vignette of a lyre. Spine with seven raised bands, gilt vignettes (vases) and morocco label with gilt title. Later marbled endpapers.
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Primatology at its most beautiful - by an artist turned scientist
Bosch, G. van den
[Sculpture] Amazon parrots.
ca. 1965. Bronze sculpture. Ca. 175 x 100 x 75 cm.
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Heavy Metal parrots
The birds...
Crawshay, R.
The birds of Tierra del Fuego.
London, Quaritch, 1907. 4to (28.0 x 20.5 cm). Half-title, title, engraved dedication page, xl, 158 pp.; 21 fine hand-coloured plates by Keulemans, 23 photographic plates, one tinted (red and blue) map. Publisher's black half morocco over green linen boards, gilt lettered spine with five raised, gilt-lined bands; top edge gilt.
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Bird painter Keulemans at his best - and in a mint condition
Remarks up...
Darwin, C.
Remarks upon the habits of the genera Geospiza, Camarhynchus, Cactornis and Certhidea of Gould.
London, The Zoological Society of London, 1837. 8vo (22.7 x 13.9 cm). p. 49. Original blind blue wrappers, preserved in a green clamshell box with gilt title.
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The fundaments of evolution: Darwin on "his" finches
An account...
Edwards, G.
An account of the frog fish of Surinam.
London, The Royal Society, 1760. 4to (22.0 x 17.2 cm). Five pp.; two large, double-folded engraved plates. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Spine with five raised bands.
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A very early work on a South American frog
Ehrenberg, C. G.
Verbreitung und Einfluss des mikroskopischen Lebens in Sud- und Nord-Amerika. Ein Vortrag. Gelesen in der Königl. Preuss. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin am 25 März und 10 Juni 1841 mit spätern Zusätzen. Nebst 4 colorirten Kupfertafeln.
Berlin, Königliche Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1843. Tall folio (41.1 x 27.5 cm). Title page, dedication page, 158 pp.;four partly hand-coloured engraved plates. Original blind grey-blue wrappers.
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Very rare large paper copy of this rare work of fundamental importance to the knowledge of the Protozoa
Beiträge z...
Eschwege, W. L. Von
Beiträge zur Gebirgskunde Brasiliens.
Berlin, G. Reimer, 1832. 8vo (20.5 x 12.5 cm). xiv, 488 pp.; four engraved maps of which one coloured) (34 x 110 cm). Later mock leather. Spine with black label with gilt title. Edges orange.
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The first geological map of Brazil
Révision d...
Fairmaire, L. and P. Germain
Révision des coléoptères du Chili.
Paris, Société Entomologique de France, 1858-1866, 1883. 8vo (21.3 x 12.8 cm). 233 [and 14] pp.; two original water-colour plates of which one in full colour and one in shades of grey, two engraved plates of which one hand-coloured. One printed leaf added. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Spine with gilt lines and gilt title. Marbled endpapers.
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A unique copy of a finely illustrated work on Chilean Coleoptera
Historia g...
Fernández de Piedrahíta, [L.]
Historia general de las conquistas del Nuevo Reyno de Granada.
Amberes (Antwerp), Jean Baptiste Verdussen, [1688]. Folio (29.7 x 20.9 cm). Title page, three finely engraved plates (title page and frontispieces preceding chapters) by J. Mulder, [xvi], 599, [vii] pp. Contemporary vellum. Spine with contemporary script title.
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A very rare work; highly important for the history of the conquest of the Americas
Report on...
Forbes, D. et al.
Report on the geology of South America. Part I. Bolivia and southern Peru: with notes on the fossils by Professor Huxley, ... J. W. Salter ... T. Rupert Jones.
London, The Geological Society [Taylor and Francis], 1861. 8vo (22.2 x 14.0 cm). 84 pp.; two hand-coloured maps; one very long, multifolded profile, and three lithographed plates showing fossils. Original printed wrappers.
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Rare offprint of an important work on the geology and palaeontology of the Andes