Author Crick, F. H. C. and L. Barnett and S. Brenner and R. J. Watts-Tobin General nature of the genetic code for proteins.
Published 1961
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London, Macmillan, 1961. 4to (25.7 x 18.0 cm). 6 pp. [1227-1232], six text figures, three tables. Contemporary burgundy buckram with gilt title on the spine. Speckled edges. The discovery of the genetic functions of DNA was published in Nature vol. 171 (1953), but it took several more years to clarify and understand how, exactly, the code was read. In this work it was postulated that a group of three bases codes for one amino-acid and that the code is of a non-overlapping type. The fundamental issues that Crick, Gamow, Watson and Brenner had embarked upon in the summer of 1954 were now resolved. We offer the complete vol. 192 of Nature (4797-4809, 1322, cvii pp.). A year later, in December of 1962, Crick, Watson and Maurice Wilkins went to Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Brenner received a Nobel Prize in 2002. A very good, clean copy, without library marks. Garrison-Morton, 7527. A second discovery about the genetic code: three bases codes for one amino-acid