Author Bonnard, A. [J. D.] En Chine [Manuscript].
Published 1920
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Original manuscript, 1920-[1921]. Handwritten on 516 large (31.0 x 21.0 cm), numbered leaves. Preserved in a modern cloth-covered clamshell box (35.5 x 27.0 x 8.5 cm). Manuscript by the controversial French poet, writer, and politician Abel Jean Désiré Bonnard (1883-1968), member of the Académie Française, and writer of more than 15 works; both fiction and non-fiction. This manuscript deals with his travels to China, published in two volumes as "Notes de voyage: En Chine (1920-1921)" (Paris, Artheme Fayard, 1924). The manuscript was dedicated "à ma mère, parce qu elle me dit que cela lui fait plaisir, et que je voudrais lui faire tous les plaisirs possibles" [to my mother, because she told me that it made her happy, and I would do everything to make her happy], and dated juin [June] 1920. In other words, the dedication was written during his voyage. Sections of the manuscript deal, for instance, with Pekin (Beijing), le Yang-tsé, Chinese villages, Hong-Kong, and the return voyage. Later in his life, Bonnard moved politically to the extreme right. During WWII he became a minister in Pétain's Vichy government: "Bonnard was one of only a few members expelled from the Académie Française after World War II for collaboration with Germany. Bonnard was condemned in absentia to death during the épuration légale period for wartime activities. However, Francisco Franco granted him political asylum in Spain. In 1960, he returned to France to face retrial for his crimes. He received a symbolic sentence of 10 years banishment to be counted from 1945, but dissatisfied with the verdict of guilty, he chose to return to Spain where he lived out the remainder of his life" (Wikipedia). His book "Les modérés", first published in 1936 has recently [2013] been republished. The manuscript contains many additions and corrections by the author. Added: a few old journal clippings related to the author. A few leaves a bit frayed and chipped at the outer margins, otherwise very good, and very readable. A unique item. Unique Chinese travel manuscript by the controversial French poet, writer, and politician Abel Jean Désiré Bonnard