Author Bloch, M. E. Allgemeine Naturgeschichte der Fische - Naturgeschichte der ausländischen Fische. Plate CLIV, Muraena Ophis/Der bunte Aal/La Murêne tachetée.
Published 1782-1795
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Berlin, privately published, 1782-1795. Oblong folio (26.3 x 44.3 cm). Well-preserved hand-painted engraving of exotic fish. A fine, original, unfolded plate from Bloch's famous folio edition of foreign and exotic fishes. The folio exotic fish engravings are arguably the most spectacular produced by Bloch, surpassing his magnum opus, which is on German fish. Bloch, a German Doctor and Naturalist, is considered to be one the most important ichthyologist of the 18th-century and his collection of roughly 1500 specimens are preserved in Humboldt University's Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. All of the prints are beautifully coloured, with a fine glazing that cannot be reproduced in modern prints. Bloch's plates often have one or two folds (if they are from the 8vo edition of Bloch's work, which is usually the case), but this plate is not folded. This print in excellent condition except for some fraying on left outer edge of the sheet. Dean I, p. 139; Nissen Schöne Fischbücher , 22. Wonderful early ichthyology (fish) print