Author [Aerial photos] Mont Blanc and Chamonix in 1939.
Published 1939
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Paris, Institut Géographique National, 1939. 64 original oblong aerial photos (each 13.0 x 18.0 cm). A rare set of photos from the Alpine region in France, around Mont Blanc, thus also including parts of Switzerland. The photos were made in 1939, just prior to WWII, on request of the Ministère des travaux publics et des Transports, and bear an official stamp of the Institut Géographique National on the versos. The views are overlapping, together forming a continuous, larger aerial, stereo view of the region. Because of the high resolution, these photos are of interest to climatologists and geologists. Added is a packing list, stating the scale (1;10,000) and the regions covered, as well as the recipient, being the Club Alpin Français (Comité des Travaux Scientifiques). Preserved in an envelope. A very good, unique set. Higher than Mont Blanc: rare set of aerial photos from the Alps