Author Kawarasaki, K. Origami moyo.
Published 1935
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Kyoto: Unsōdō, Shōwa 10 [1935]. Two volumes [complete] with 30 colour woodblock-printed designs. Orihon accordion style binding (leporello). In original oblong linen-covered slipcase (25.5 x 38.1 cm). Lavish coloured woodblock prints - hightened with silver and gold - of stylized leaves, flowers, butterflies, and birds, all based on origami patterns. The artist is Kawarasaki Kōdō (1899-1973). Kawarasaki was one of the later pre-WWII Kyoto-based designers and illustrators active in the Showa period. His works are renowned for their originality - some say: origaminality - and much sought-after. Former owner's stamp on the colophon page of volume two; the original slipcase with shelf-wear to the edges, stronger on the corners, with a small defect. Both volumes in near mint condition. Origami at its best, an excellent example of Kodo Kawarasaki's wonderful art