Author Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, I. and F. Cuvier Histoire naturelle des mammifères, avec les figures originales, coloriées, dessinées d'après des animaux vivans. Écureuils - Squirrels - Hörnchen.
Published 1818-1842
Item ID 65400
Paris, A. Belin, 1818-1842. Large folio (approximately 53 x 35 cm). 15 hand-coloured lithographed plates with explanatory text leaves. Not bound, as issued. A magnificent publication with fine large plates of mammals (some described in this work for the first time) from all over the world. The authors, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772-1844) and Fréderic Cuvier (1769-1832) were the leading authorities in mammalogy in the first half of the 19th century, and the "Histoire naturelle des mammifères" is widely regarded as their magnum opus. This is the section containing the squirrels, or Sciuridae, at least the long-tailed arboreal species, and perhaps a few long-bushy-tailed species that are squirrel look-alikes. The following are included: Sciurus erythropus (fosseyeur); S. hudsonius (écureuil de Hudson); S. hudsonius variété albino ; S. niger ; S. aureogaster (é. de la Californie); S. capistratus (capistrate or coqualin); S. macroura ? (capistrate a longue queue); S. variegatus (capistrate gris); S. carolinensis [however, no Latin name not given] (é. gris de la Caroline); S. ferrugineus (é. brun); S. alpinus (é. des pyrénées); S. varius (é. petit-gris); S. vulgaris (é commun); S. vittatus (toupaye); S. insignis (lary). All as issued, without stamps, annotations or other markings. All text leaves and all plates uncut and untrimmed, resulting in very large margins. Due to these large margins some edges a bit frayed or with minor tears. The plates are not spotted, but several text leaves are, a few more extensively. Several plates are very lightly age-toned, a few are more so, but generally the plates are in good to very good condition. Brunet II, p. 1,536; Nissen ZBI, 1525; Wood, p. 354. From the largest and most influential publication on mammals: the fine large plates of totally cute Squirrels