Author Ettingshausen, C. Von and A Pokorny Physiotypia Plantarum Austriacarum. Der Naturselbstdruck in seiner Anwendung auf die Gefässpflanzen [Nature-printed plates 197-198]
Published 1856
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Wien, Kaiserlich-Königlichen Hof- und Staatsdruckerei [1855-1856]. Folio nature-printed plates (each 56.5 x 39.5 cm, circa 43 x 30 cm for printed area). With very wide, uniform margins. This pair of matching plates (with Arum maculatum and A. italicum ) is one of the most fantastic examples of nature printing, accompanied by very decorative botanical illustrations. Only nature printing can give a true 3D effect to a plate, and these are among the best ever made. The author and artist, Constantin Freiherr von Ettingshausen (1826-1897), was a professor of botany and major researcher of European fossil floras. He also had a great interest in nature printing, for its accuracy in transferring a real natural history object to an image on paper. Here, these interests were combined. The first plate with a single weak, diagonal fold in the upper right corner. Otherwise the plates are in very good condition, with only a few small and marginal imperfections, never disturbing the printed area. The complete work consisted of five folio atlases with over 500 plates. According to Staffleu and Cowan: "the most important work produced by nature printing ever published". Even individual plates, such as these, are very rare. Fischer, 69; Staffleu and Cowan, 1723. One of the most fantastic examples of nature printing with very decorative botanical illustrations