Author [Various authors] Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta: Annals I-XIV [AND] 150th anniversary volume (All published).
Published 1887-1942
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Calcutta, Royal Botanical Garden, 1887-1942. Large 4to (34 x 27 cm or slightly larger) and large folio (up to 54 x 35 cm). A complete set of the 14 volumes, bound in 32. All plate volumes, the appendices and the 150 Anniversary volume present, and all except one in the original edition. Text; over 2200 lithographed or heliographic plates, partly hand-coloured. Bound in early 20th century green buckram with gilt title on spines; one volume (the anniversary volume) in portfolio with front wrapper mounted, one volume (XI-1) unbound, as issued, one volume (XIV-2; the last) in brown cloth. Very rare complete set, hardly ever seen on the market as a set and containing many very important monographs by famous authors. The Royal Botanic Garden in Calcutta is the oldest Asian botanical garden, founded by William Roxburgh in 1793. In 1887, its superintendent, George King, started publication of the Annals . The first volume was dedicated to Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker "as a humble token of admiration and respect". The series includes such important monographs as Beccari on Asiatic palms; Hooker, King and Pantling with several contributions on Indian orchids; King on Indo-Malayan Ficus species; and Bruhl and King with their Century of new and rare Indian plants . Each volume was printed in a different number, usually only between 200 and 350 copies. Two plate volumes (vols. IV, part 2 and V. part. 2) have some very heavy foxing on several plates, although other plates remained quite clean, and one atlas has marginal foxing on most plates; otherwise very good with only occasional spotting and only one plate volume in photostat (vol. XIV. part 2 with 65 plates; this is known from more copies). Furthermore 133 hand-coloured lithographs are a bit foxed, mostly in the margins, except 40 of which are more heavily foxed. In total about 380 plates of the 2700 are (more or less heavily) foxed which is about 15% of the total. The Anniversary volume with small wormholes, mostly in the margins, the tipped in photos not affected; and volume VI only in the spine, with the plates and text leaves unaffected. Prain and Burkill's "Genus Dioscorea " part II, plate section, is in photostat, bound with the original text. Institution stamps mostly on first blanks; small blind stamps in a few plate margins. In all, a good set. Nissen, and Stafleu and Cowan treat the journal per monograph, see for instance Nissen BBI 112, and Stafleu and Cowan 382 for Beccari's Asiatic palms . An extremely rare complete set, spanning more than 50 years of Indian botany