Author [Sabbathier, E.] Idealis umbra sapientiae generalis.
Published 1679
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Paris, Mmme Jablier, 1679. Very small folio (17.2 x 12.3 cm). Title page (printed strips, mounted, as issued); 24 printed and partly engraved oblong sheets, mounted. Contemporary blind marbled wrappers. The very rare Latin edition (there is an equally rare French edition as well), of a work that was printed on a single broadsheet, but distributed only in the present form. This complex, esoteric, Kabbalistic work was written by the Capuchin priest Sabbathier. After his untimely death, his fellow Capuchin François Marie edited the material and oversaw the production of the text on an engraved broadsheet: half in Latin, half in French. As stated on the title, Marie's sister, Mlle. Jablier, acted as publisher. However, she cut the large engraved sheets into smaller components and mounted them in albums, which she then sold from her house in the rue Vieille-du-Temple in Paris. According to Caillet, “[t]his unusual scheme explains the extreme rarity of copies that survived, and their singular appearance”. In 1897, it was reprinted in only 100 copies, and advertised as "ouvrage introuvable et purement cabbalistique". This, however, is the much rarer original. Dorbon, Bibliotheca Esoterica , 4275; Caillet III, 9731 (pp. 449-450), “Excessivement rare”. An extremely rare and unusual kabbalistic work