Author Röntgen, W. Ueber eine neue Art von Strahlen. (Vorläufige Mittheilung).
Published 1894
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Würzburg, Sitzungsberichte der Physik.-Med. Gesellschaft zu Würzberg, 1895. 8vo. 9 pp. [numbered 132-141], including several calculations. Contemporary half cloth over marbled boards. Spine with gilt title. The discovery and first announcement of X-rays, or Röntgen rays, in the Sitzungsberichte of the society, year 1895, number 9: "Am 28. Dezember wurde als Beitrag eingereicht: W. C. Röntgen: Ueber eine neue Art von Strahlen". This discovery brought Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) the first Nobel Prize in Physics (1901). The importance of this discovery was immediately understood and almost instantly this paper was translated into English and republished in Nature on the 23rd of January, 1896. The later Nature-edition is better known in the English-speaking world. The publisher, meanwhile, rushed out six editions of the offprint, enhancing the layout with each edition, adding printed wrappers, then title pages, and then additional advertising bands, and almost immediately announced translations into French, Italian and English (Glasser, pp. 23-24). The offprints may in fact be more common than the official publication in the Sitzungsberichte. We offer the complete year 1895, bound with the year 1894. The 1894 volume contains two more papers by Röntgen, namely "Mitteilung einiger Versuche mit einem rechtwinkeligen Glasprisma", and "Ueber den Einfluss des Druckes auf die Dielectricitäts Constanten des Wassers und des Aethylalkohols (Schluss)". Stamp on the title of the 1895 volume, and vague stamp on the title of the 1894 volume; otherwise a very good copy. Glasser 767 (with printing error "Dez. 1896" for "Dez. 1895"); PMM, 380; Sparrow, 171. The discovery of X-rays. PMM 380