Author Gibson-Hill, C. A. Contributions to the natural history of Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean.
Published 1947
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Singapore, the Raffles Museum, 1947. 8vo (24.5 x 15.5 cm). 182 pp., seven plates, many text figures, including two maps. Original printed wrappers. A very good monograph with original observations, including a general description of the island, the weather and climate, and detailed notes on the reptiles, birds, butterflies, crabs, and several other groups. Some chapters written by specialists, but mostly by the collector, medical doctor, ornithologist and curator of the Raffles Museum in Singapore, Carl Alexander Gibson-Hill (1911-1963). The fine drawings and the photos are also by Gibson-Hill, who stayed on the island from September 1938 to November 1940. Publication was scheduled for 1942, but WWII, and the Japanese occupation of Singapore, intervened. The plates have the date 1942 printed over with 1947. This is the Museum's Bulletin , volume 18. A good, clean copy. Rare. The first monograph on the natural history of this enigmatic island with original observations