Author Savigny, J. C. Description de l'Egypte. Histoire naturelle. Oiseaux. [Atlas].
Published 1826
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Paris, C. L. F. Panckoucke, 1826. Elephant folio (ca. 71 x 53 cm). Title page (to Histoire naturelle, tome premier); 14 tissue-guarded, engraved plates (numbered 1-14). Not bound, as originally published. This grand atlas, which forms a part of a much larger - zoological, botanical, archaeological, etc. - series, contains all the illustrations of birds collected during the French Napoleonic campaign in Egypt. The author, the French zoologist Marie Jules César Lelorgne de Savigny (1777-1851), was leader of the French scientific expedition to Egypt, which was part of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's military campaign. Savigny wrote the parts on mammals and several other groups of animals too. The bird plates show most specimens in life-size form. A total of either 41 or 42 different species - depending on one's taxonomic view - are shown. These plates were drawn by one of the foremost natural history illustrators, Jacques Barraband (1767-1809), who also illustrated Levaillant's famous Histoire naturelle des perroquets (1801-1805) and Histoire naturelle des oiseaux de Paradis (1807), and Daudin's Histoire naturelle des rainettes, grenouilles et crapauds (1802). The title page is of the first volume of the whole zoological section, which included the ornithology. A text volume is not included. According to Zimmer, Savigny "...was unable to complete [it] through failure of his eyesight". In 1826 or 1828, the French zoologist Jean Victor Audouin did publish an octavo edition of explanatory text. Uncut. With an original publisher's blindstamp in the outer margin of each leaf. No other markings. A few tissue-guards creased, otherwise very good. Nissen ZBI, 4608; Wood, p. 552; Zimmer, p. 549. Elephant folio birds famously depicted by Barraband