Author Seder, A. Das Thier in der decorativen Kunst. I. Serie. Die Wasserthiere [AND] II. Serie. Vögel. [Complete].
Published 1896
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Wien, Gerlach & Schenk, 1896. Two large folio portfolios (57.9 x 44.3 cm) with one page of text, one illustrated title page and 29 stunning chromolithographed plates showing animals in a fabulous Art Nouveau style. Each original quarter linen portfolios has an impressive dragon on front, with the title artistically arranged around it. A very rare work with the finest and most stunning plates of Art Nouveau book design. The plates in this portfolio depict dragons, reptiles, shells and other sea life (first portfolio), as well as birds (second portfolio). It is hard to underestimate the beauty and importance of this work by the famous Art Nouveau painter and art professor Anton Johann Nepomuk Seder (1850-1916). Each plate is a true highlight of artistic design and absolutely breathtaking. Seder's work had many followers in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements and afterwards; genuine individual plates are still highly in demand. Consequently, complete portfolios in good condition, such as this one, are extremely rare. The quality of these chromolithographs is absolutely first class, the frequent use of gold and many different colours gives these plates a great depth which is not even possible with the most advanced printing techniques of today. Slight wear to portfolios. A few plates slightly - evenly - toned; one with some browning in one outer margin and to illustrated title page, but otherwise in excellent state, in all an exceptionally well-preserved ensemble. Schneider-Henn, 200. Fantastic Art Nouveau plates - a rare complete set