Author [Cars] Cadillac Cadillac. [Large, luxurious Catalogue]
Published 1925
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[Detroit], Cadillac, ca. 1925. Oblong folio (41.0 x 56.0 cm). 14 large, chromolithographed plates (25.5 x 38.2 cm) mounted on printed, numbered leaves inside ornamental borders. Printed wrappers with pattern of Cadillac emblems. A very fine suite of unusually large Cadillac car illustrations, each with a different cityscape in the background. Cities include New York (with the Vanderbilt II house on Fifth Avenue, demolished in 1926), Madrid, Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Berlin, Belgrade, Brussels, etc. A few cityscapes have not been identified. We have not been able to pinpoint this brochure to a year, but the logo is of a type used in 1924-1925, perhaps 1926, with a seven-pointed crown, and a curved – rather than angular – shield. The logo was based on the coat of arms of Le Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, founder of Detroit, Cadillac's (and General Motors) home city. The car designs are from the mid-twenties too. The artistic quality is very high. The absence of any sales information, or addresses is highly peculiar; perhaps this item was meant as a gift, rather than as a sales brochure. Wrapper edges slightly worn; mounts a bit frayed at corners and somewhat spotted, mostly in the outer margins, mounted plates lightly spotted; the colouring of the cars, however, is excellent. We have never seen another copy. A mysterious, extremely large and sumptuous Cadillac brochure