Author Bungartz, J. Geflügel Album. Abtheilung I. Hühner. [WITH] Geflügel-Album von Thiermaler Jean Bungartz. Abtheilung I. Hühner. Begleitener Text: Die Merkmale (Standards) der Hühner-Rassen von Heinrich Marten.
Published 1895
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Bonn, P. Hanstein, [1895]. Title page, four pp. loose-leaved preface and index; 60 loose-leaved chromolithographed plates (32.5 x 26.6 cm) and an accompanying text volume ( Die Merkmale ) of 44 pp. of the same size. In original linen box (33.4 x 27.6 x 2.5 cm) with chromolithographed and gilt-ornamented top board embellished with a round, chromolithographed vignette of a rooster, mounted, and with floral-patterned flaps and top board verso. Perhaps the rarest work by the animal-painter Jean Bungartz (1854-1934), who also illustrated books on dogs and pigeon breeds. Each plate is numbered and shows one or two hens, cocks, and eggs of a different breed. Originally published by Ferdinand Bungartz in Lechenich (plates and preface/index) and in Leipzig, by Der Geflügel-Bürse (Richard Freeze) ( Begleitender Text ), but apparently purchased by P. Hanstein's Verlag, as their printed name is pasted on the preface/index leaf, and they added a new title. The addition of Heinrich Marten's work, which is entirely based on Bungartz's work, is unusual. Nissen did not know it. Little is known about Marten. This copy with the letterpress title page by P. Hanstein, replacing the chromolithographed title page by Ferdinand Bungartz. Boards with minimal rubbing; a few plates with some light, mostly marginal creasing, or a few short, marginal tears or chippings; no spotting or toning on rectos and in all in a very good condition. Nissen ZBI, 741 (not in Nissen IVB). Perhaps the rarest work by the animal-painter Jean Bungartz