Author Neander, J. Tabacologia, hoc est tabaci, seu Nicotianae descriptio medico-chirurgico-pharmaceutica, vel ejus praeparatio et usus in omnibus ferme corporis humani in commodis.
Published 1626
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Lugduni Batavorum (Leyden), Elzevier, 1626. 4to (21.4 x 15.7 cm). Engraved title page, engraved portrait of Neander; [xxxvi], 256, [iii] pp., including nine page-sized engravings (with blank versos, i.e. plates) of tobacco plants, cultivation and curing of tobacco, pipes, etc. Contemporary vellum with script title in an old hand on the spine; slightly later endpapers. A rare work on tobacco and its merits by the early experimenter Johann Neander (1596 or 1597-after 1632), from Bremen. Second edition, given the frontispiece dated 1626. The Epistola dedicatoria cryptically contains the year 1622 ("7. Kal. Maij styl. Gregor. anno DoMInI IesV ChrIstI SerVatorIs VerI"). Hirsch IV, 332: Arents coll. 84, 89a: "... a popular compendium of information relating to the 'scientific' methods of preparing and using tobacco 'for all the ailments of human body'. The cuts... illustrate the native methods of cultivating, gathering, curing and preparing tobacco.". Bound in the rear, unpaginated, is a long (three pp.) verse in Dutch by Ioost (or Joost) van Ravelingen on the merits and curses - " Tabacks Lof en Lastering " - of tobacco, dedicated to Neander. Van Ravelingen is better known as editor of Dodoens' Kruydeboeck . As in the first edition, pages 55, 69, 167, 249, 253 are wrongly numbered as 45, 65, 147, 253, 257. This may suggest that only the title page (dated 1626) is in "2nd edition". Plate on "p. 253"(= 249) bound after, instead of before p. 251; the same with page "257" (=253). Edges with a few repairs using later vellum, some small wormholes, spots and wrinkles to the front and back cover. First text page with old owner's inscription and repair at the top margin. Although the flyleaves are old, they are not contemporary. The last few leaves with a small brownish spot, otherwise the interior is clean, without worming or other defects. Overall, a very good copy. Arents, p. 30; BM(NH) Cat., p. 1404 (noted, but not in BM(NH) library); Pritzel, 6624. Not in Stafleu and Cowan. A very good copy of this rare early monograph on tobacco