Author Washington, M. Baron Von Landwirtschaftliche Tafeln. XXV. Schweinezucht. Zusammengestellt und beschrieben von Max Baron v. Washington.
Published 1867
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Wien, Anton Hartinger & Sohn, 1871. Very large, oblong folded, chromolithographed sheet (58.7 x 71.3 cm) in printed pocket (20.5 x 12 cm). A very large, instructive and decorative plate on hog farming, with ample descriptive text. The author is a distant family member of George Washington, Maximilian Emanuel Willibald Bernhard Johann Gebhard Freiherr von Washington (1829-1903). The illustrator is the Austrian romanticist painter Anton Hartinger (1806-1890), who also published this work. In 1820 Hartinger studied at the Wiener Akademie der bildenden Künste bei Ignaz Strenzel and Sebastian Wegmayr. There he specialized in flower and fruit painting. In 1836 he became editor of the flower and fruit school of the Viennese Academy, from 1843 to 1851 he was a member of the academy. In 1825 he received the Gundel-Price for flower-painting, and in 1829 the Füger-Price. In 1859 he founded a lithography-printing company, which published botanical works and works on agriculture and forestry. He received the title of Royal Court Chromolithographer. A very good, unmarked copy. Very rare. Rare large plate on mid-19th-century hog farming