Author Ruysch, F. [Original engraved print]
Published 1744
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Amsterdam, Janssoons van Waesberge, 1744. Single leaf (25.7 x 21.4 cm). This finely engraved plate depicts two items from the collection of natural history objects by the Dutch medical doctor and zoologist Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731). Shown are two glass bottles, one containing a stuffed oriole, the other a spirit preserved armadillo fetus. Both bottles are crowned with a bouquet of dried plants and mosses, and a type of damselfly. This plate was first issued in Ruysch's "Thesaurus animalium" (1710). This copy is from the later, Dutch edition, by the same publisher, of his collected works. Weak vertical fold, otherwise a very good, clean copy. Nissen ZBI, 3541. A finely engraved 18th-century print depicting a spectacular array of zoological and botanical objects from the collection of Frederik Ruysch