Author Ruysch, F. [Original engraved print].
Published 1744
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Amsterdam, Janssoons van Waesberge, 1744. Large single leaf (20.3 x 25.4 cm). This finely engraved plate depicts items from the collection of natural history objects by the Dutch medical doctor and zoologist Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731). Illustrated are: a human hand, a bottle with an animal fetus on a wooden pedestal, and some other, strange looking objects. This anatomical-philosophical plate was first issued in Ruysch's "Thesaurus animalium" (1710). It was engraved by J. Mulder, "ad vivum sculp.". Plate engraved "Neerd. Taf. 107 / Tab II". This copy is from the later Dutch edition - by the same publisher - of his collected works. Weak vertical fold, otherwise a very good, clean copy. Nissen ZBI, 3541. A finely engraved 18th-century print depicting a spectacular array of anatomical objects from the collection of Frederik Ruysch