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New Zealan...
Cranwell, T.
New Zealand ferns. Prepared and mounted by T. Cranwell.
Auckland (Parnell), T. Cranwell, no date [before 1877]. Small folio (27.0 x 21.6 cm). 30 sheets with mounted ferns, each with a small, mounted label with the Latin name. Original leather spine and carved wood-panels. Marbled endpapers. Contained in recent clamshell box.
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A very rare, large format, dried fern album with wooden panels
Herbarium of alpine plants.
No place, no publisher, ca. 1860. Folio (34.3 x 21.0 cm). 25 numbered folded leaves, containing dried plants, and three loose, ruled leaves (20.5 x 16.0 cm) with a handwritten index, all in a later portfolio.
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A rare, early herbarium with well-preserved alpine plants
Schäfer, R.
Herbarium vivum. A German herbarium collected and arranged by Robert Schäfer.
Stuttgart (?), unpublished, 1898-1900. In two parts. Thick folio (40.0 x 25.0 cm). Preserved in two large binders with marbled boards (labelled 1-23, A-L; and 124-231, M-Z), containing 44 [22; 22] thick blue paper portfolios (40 x 25 cm) with handwritten labels pasted on the front leaves, each containing three to six dried plant specimens, numbered 1-231, 160a, for a total of 232 different species.
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A superbly preserved herbarium, with beautiful plant specimens and their collecting data
The dry ga...
Ward, H.
The dry garden. Hardy heathers or heaths.
Malton, [unpublished], 1930. Folio album (36.6 x 26.6 cm). Handwritten index on front pastedown and front flyleaf recto. Embossed, blue cloth with gilt title "The Dry Garden" on the front board.
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A fine, well-preserved herbarium of heathers