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Mont Blanc...
[Aerial photos]
Mont Blanc and Chamonix in 1939.
Paris, Institut Géographique National, 1939. 64 original oblong aerial photos (each 13.0 x 18.0 cm).
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Higher than Mont Blanc: rare set of aerial photos from the Alps
[Aerial photos]
Lagrave-Chorges, 1952.
Paris, Institut Géographique National, 1952. 36 original large, square aerial photos (each 19.0 x 19.0 cm). In a matching envelope from the publisher.
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Alpine mountains, glaciers, lakes, in great detail
Allemann, F.
Geologische Karte Fürstentum Liechtenstein.
[Vaduz], Regierung des Fürstentums Liechtenstein, 1953. Large (67 x 102 cm), folded map, consisting of 25 rectangular sheets in full colour, mounted on linen. Handwritten and stamped label on the front-facing part of the linen map verso.
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The rare, very detailed geological and geographical map of Liechtenstein
View of th...
Belanger, L. and P. Vanlerberghe and S. Malgo
View of the torrent of the Lutschinen, and of the glaciers where it takes its source – Vue du torrent de la Lutschinen en Suisse, et des glaciers ou il prend sa source.
London, G. & W. Nicoll, 1800. Broadsheet (71.0 x 56.0 cm). Aquatint, finished by hand.
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Magnificent early view on the Lutchinen waterfalls
View of th...
Châtelet, [C. L.] and P. Vanlerberghe and J. Merigot
View of the source of the Rhone and of the glacier from whence it issues - Vue de la source du Rhone et du glacier d'ou il sort.
London, G. & W. Nicoll, 1801. Broadsheet (71.0 x 56.0 cm). Aquatint, finished by hand.
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One of the earliest views of the glacier - and a fine one
View of th...
Châtelet, [C. L.] and P. Vanlerberghe and J. Merigot
View of the source of the glaciers and the lake of Kandersteig - Vue de la glaciers et de Lac du Kandersteig.
London, G. & W. Nicoll, 1801. Very large broadsheet (80.2 x 56.3 cm). Aquatint, finished by hand.
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One of the earliest views of the glacier; of importance in establishing reduction the length of the glacier in historic times
Original w...
Doeve, E. [Anton Plesman, KLM]
Original wood engraving by Eppo Doeve of the KLM flight Amsterdam-Batavia, signed by Albert Plesman.
Amsterdam, [not published], 1949. Original print, signed (37.6 x 20.1 cm). Printed surface oblong, 32.5 x 14.5 cm. Signed in the right lower margin. Framed.
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Announcing and commemorating the world's longest passenger flight
The United...
Enouy, J.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, with the adjacent parts of the Continent, from Amsterdam to Paris and Brest, compiled from a variety of the most authentic materials.
London, Samuel Leigh, 1818. Large, folded, coloured map (62.7 x 75.3 cm) of Great Britain and Ireland, and the continental coasts of the Channel and North Sea. In original reddish paper-covered boards, with printed label mounted.
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A fine and rare map, not listed by the British Museum
View of Je...
Mayr, H. von
View of Jeruzalem. From: Malerische Ansichten aus dem Orient, gesammelt auf der Reise Sr. Hoheit des Herrn Herzogs Maximilian in Bayern nach Nubien, Aegypten, Palaestina, Syrien und Malta im Jahre MDCCCXXXVIII [1838] und Herausgegeben von Heinrich v. Mayr.
München, Heinrich von Mayr, 1839-1840. Oblong plate (48.8 x 36.8 cm), finely lithographed and hand-coloured.
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Very rare, magnificent hand-coloured plate by Heinrich von Mayr
Vue d'un a...
[Optica Print or Perspective Print with light transmitting punch-holes (Illumination Print)]
Vue d'un ambassade Tartores a la Cours Persane à Isphahan.
France, ca. 1780. Broadsheet (37.5 x 27.0 cm), mounted in frame (53.0 x 44.5 cm).
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Isfahan at day... and at night
De Boroboe...
Poortenaar, J.
De Boroboedoer. Zes etsen door Jan Poortenaar, Inleiding van Prof. Dr. N. J. Krom.
[Naarden, privately published, 1929]. Folio (37.9 x 28.0 cm). Two leafs of text and six fine etchings under passe-partouts, all signed and numbered in pencil, this being #161. All as issued with the original cloth portfolio with gilt title on front.
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A rare, limited edition, well-preserved
Seven etch...
Segers, H. [Seghers]
Seven etchings in facsimile. With an introduction by Huigen Leeflang.
Amsterdam, Andreas Landshoff, 2016. Folio (39 x 34 cm). Text and seven facsimile prints. In cloth portfolio with printed label on the front (top) board.
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The most inspired, experimental and original landscapist of the Dutch Golden Age