What species of cowry is this?

Peyrot, A.

Letter to R. P. Dollfus.

Published 1922
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Bordeaux, 1922. Single, ruled leaf, folded (17.7 x 22.5 cm). Handwritten letter, signed and dated.

Hand-written letter, dated February 8th 1922, from the French palaeontologist and malacologist Albert Peyrot (1860-1939) to the French marine biologist, ichthyologist, parasitologist (mainly interested in helminthology), and director of the Service des Pêches Coloniales, Robert Philippe F. Dollfus (1887-1976). He was a son of the malacologist Gustave Frédérique Dollfus (co-author of the famous Les mollusques marins du Rousillon), and was interested in Mollusca himself. Paul Henri Fischer wrote his necrologie in the Journal de Conchyliologie 114(3-4), p. 131. Peyrot asks Dollfus for a specimen (" bon exemplaire") of the fossil cowrie, Cypraea globosa, in order to unravel the identity of Miocene Aquitanian cypraeids. Peyrot is best known as author, with Maurice Cossmann, of the Conchologie Néogénique de l’Aquitaine (1909-1935). Little else is known about him. In the 1930's he lived in Bordeaux, earlier he was listed as "Professeur de Physique au Lycée de Tours", in St Cyr, near Tours. A very good letter, in a well-readable handwriting.

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