Peters, W. C. H.

Naturwissenschaftliche Reise nach Mossambique auf Befehl seiner Majestät des Königs Friedrich Wilhelm IV in den Jahren 1842-1848 ausgeführt. Zoologie III. Amphibien. [Atlas].

Published 1882
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Berlin, Georg Reimer, 1882. Folio (ca. 34.0 x 25.0 cm). Atlas with 33 lithographed plates of which four partly coloured. Later black portfolio with gilt title on the front board.

This amphibian and reptile part of the zoological results of an important scientific expedition to one of the least-known parts of Africa. Dealing mainly with reptiles, despite the title. The German herpetologist Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters (1815-1883) was "one of the last to use 'Amphibia' for both amphibians and reptiles" (Adler). The atlas is complete with 33 plates, as follows: I-XXVI, IIIA, IIIB, IVA, IXA, XIIIA, XIVA, XIXA), of which four (XIIIA, XIVA, XIX, XIXA) partly coloured. The text volume is very rare and almost always lacking, as it is here. The plates are uncut, as issued, and, therefore, vary slightly in size. Portfolio somewhat stained and a small, marginal part with the cloth abraded; a few plates spotted, mostly lightly, one along the very outer margin, otherwise a very good set. Rare. Adler I, pp. 37-38; Nissen ZBI, 3139.

A rare, complete suite of plates

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