Tapparone-Canefri, C. [M.]

Zoologia del viaggio intorno al globo della R. fregata Magenta durante gli anni 1865-1868. Malacologia (gasteropodi, acefali e brachiopodi).

Published 1876
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Torino, Stamperia Reale, 1876. Large 4to (28.5 x 21.1 cm). 155 pp.; four chromolithographed and partly hand-coloured plates, hightened with gum arabic. Later brown buckram with gilt title on the spine. Edges sprinkled red.

A very rare work on the Mollusca collected during the voyage around the world by the Italian frigate "Magenta". The work includes the description and illustration of many new species of marine and non-marine gastropods, and of marine bivalves. New species include trochids, neritids, a Pecten, a chiton, nudibranchs, etc., etc. Many are from South America, several from Australia (e.g. Auricula australiana, Aplexa adamsiana), Japan, and the Philippines. The plates by Conti are superb. Published by the Academia delle Scienze di Torino, of which the Italian malacologist Cesare Maria Tapparone-Canefri (1838-1891) was a member. This is the offprint from Tomo XXVIII. The volume is dated 1876, but the title page of this work states 1874. An excellent, spotless copy. Nissen ZBI, 4075. Not in Ferguson.

A spotless copy of the very rare 'Magenta' Mollusca

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