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Four proof...
[Anonymous but probably J. Sturm]
Four proof plates for Monographiae Insectorum XVIII. In valle Plauensi delectorum. Verzeichnis der merkwürdigsten Insecten welche in Plauischen Grunde gefunden werden . In: W. G. Becker (1799). Der Plauische Grund bei Dresden, mit Hinsicht auf Naturgeschichte und schöne Gartenkunst.
[Nürnberg, Frauenholzische Kunsthandlung, 1799]. Four loose plates. Folio (24.3 x 18.5 cm or slighly larger). Each finely engraved and carefully hand-coloured.
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Four unique proof plates of insects from near Dresden
Complete a...
Berlese, A.
Complete acarological works. Acari Myriopoda and Scorpiones (1882-1903) in 12 volumes [AND] Collected acarological papers from "Redia" (1903-1923) in 5 volumes [AND] Complete acarological works. Varia (1881-1923) in 2 volumes. [Complete].
Firenze [REPRINT, The Hague, 1977-1982]. In 19 volumes. 8vo (18 parts: 23.1 x 15.6 cm), 4to (one part: 29.7 x 20.8 cm). Over 7000 pages and numerous plates (some folded). Uniform full dark brown cloth with gilt titles on front boards and spines.
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A rare, COMPLETE set
Box, H. E.
Typescripts, correspondence and papers.
Various places and publishers, 1923-1953. Over 60 items of various size and shape. Many thousands of pages, numerous illustrations including some original photos. Preserved in two similar cardboard folders with punch holes.
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A wonderful collection of information on sugar cane protection
[Reply let...
Darwin, C.
[Reply letter]. Testimonial to Mr. Darwin. - Evolution in the Netherlands.
London, Nature, 1877. Folio (28.2 x 19.6 cm). pp. 410-412 in: Nature issue 15(384) [pp. cliii-clxiv, 389-424]. Original printed wrappers.
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Whenever I want cheering, I will look at the portraits...” (Darwin)
Remarks up...
Darwin, C.
Remarks upon the habits of the genera Geospiza, Camarhynchus, Cactornis and Certhidea of Gould.
London, The Zoological Society of London, 1837. 8vo (22.7 x 13.9 cm). p. 49. Original blind blue wrappers, preserved in a green clamshell box with gilt title.
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The fundaments of evolution: Darwin on "his" finches
The founda...
Darwin, C. [Darwin, F. (ed.)]
The foundations of the origin of species, a sketch written in 1842 by Charles Darwin. [The very rare, "true first" Presented by the syndics of the University Press edition; Freeman 1555]
Cambridge, The University Press, 1909. 8vo (22.5 x 15.0 cm). Frontispiece portrait (tissue-guarded), xxii, 53 pp.; one plate with facsimile handwriting of Charles Darwin. Original quarter vellum over printed boards. In transparent protective wrapper.
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The rare, true first edition of Darwin's previously unpublished notes on Natural Selection, in a fine copy
Histoire e...
Deleuze, [J. P. F.]
Histoire et description de Muséum Royal d'Histoire Naturelle, ouvrage rédigé d'après les ordres de l'administration du Muséum.
Paris, A. Royer, 1823. Two volumes in two. 8vo (21.5 x 13.8 cm). vi, 720 pp.; three folded maps, five engraved plates (all tissue-guarded) to volume I; nine tissue-guarded engraved plates to volume II, for a total of 14 plates and three maps [complete]. Uniform contemporary full tree calf. Spines with gilt lines and vignettes, two red morocco labels with gilt titles. Edges yellow.
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An attractive, contemporary bound copy
Genera Hyd...
Fieber, F. X.
Genera Hydrocoridum secundum ordinem naturalem in familias disposita. Cum tabulis quator. [AND] Species generis Corisa monographice dispositae cum tabulis duabus. [AND] Rhynchotographieen. Drei monograpische [sic] Abhandlungen. [AND] a handwritten letter to a colleague.
Prag [Prague], Gottlieb Haase Söhne, 1851. Three works in one. 4to (26.1 x 20.6 cm). 143 pp. [31; 48; 64], including three title pages; six engraved plates [4; 2; 0]. Contemporary marbled boards with green paper spine cover with script title. Speckled edges.
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Correspondence between mid-19th-century hemipterologists: three papers and a letter
Fieber, F. X.
Entomologische Monographien von Franz Xav. Fieber. Sieben Abhandlungen mit zehn Tafeln in Steinstich.
Prag [Prague], Gottlieb Haase Söhne, 1843 [1844]. Seven works in one. 4to (26.1 x 20.6 cm). Title page, 138 pp. (numbered [279]-416); ten engraved plates. Contemporary marbled boards with green paper spine cover with script title. Speckled edges.
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A rare work from the library of Maurice Royer
Memoir of...
[Forbes, E.] Bennett, J. H.
Memoir of the late professor Edward Forbes.
Edinburgh, Sutherland & Knox, 1855. 8vo (22.3 x 14.0 cm). 24 pp.; several text engravings (after drawings by Forbes). Original printed wrappers.
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Remembering one of the foremost British marine zoologists
Fuhlrott, [J.] C.
Jussieu's und De Candolle's natürlichen Pflanzen-Systeme, nach ihren Grundsätzen entwickelt und mit den Pflanzen-Familien von Agardh, Batsch und Linné, sowie mit dem Linné'schen Sexual-System verglichen. Für Vorlesungen und zum Selbstunterricht.
Bonn, Eduard Weber, 1829. 8vo (20.3 x 13.0 cm). vi, [ii] 242 pp. Contemporary full grained cloth with gilt title on spine. Marbled edges.
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The only botanical contribution by the discoverer of the "Neanderthaler"
Alfred Gra...
[Grandidier, A.] Decary, R.
Alfred Grandidier. Explorateur de Madagascar (1836-1921).
Tananarive, Imprimerie Officielle, 1936. 4to (28.3 x 22.6 cm). 35 pp.; large, double-folded map, several text illustrations including Grandidier's portrait. Original printed wrappers.
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Bibliography of the foremost explorer of Madagascar