Author Santini, G. [Lucchese] Ricettario medicinale di M. Giuseppe Santini Lucchese. Con un pieno trattato intorno alla cognitione del provedere, eleggere, conseruare, preparare e comporre ogni sorte di medicamento.
Published 1604
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Serravalle di Vinetia, Marco Claseri, 1604. Small 4to (19.8 x 14.4 cm). Title page with large, allegorical vignette; xviii, 504 pp.; three page-sized engravings with explanatory text on opposite leaves. Early 20th-century boards and endpapers. Spine with two morocco labels with gilt borders, and title. First edition of an exceedingly rare work on the preparation and production of medicines. OCLC reports just two copies: one in Rome, one in Paris. In 1661 a German translation, Josephi Santini güldene Apoteck : von Praeparirung und Bereitung allerley Artzneyen, deren man heut zu Tag sich gebrachet wider allerhand Schwachheiten und Gebrechen ; ehe dessen in italianischer Sprach beschrieben, anjetzo aber ins Teutsch übersetzt was published. That later edition is also rare; OCLC reports only six copies - all in German libraries. The author, Giuvanni Santini from Lucchese should not be confused with the 18th century mathematician of the same name. Page 84 misnumbered as 88; 86-87 as 66-67; 90-91 as 72-73; 93 as 89; 178-179 as 180-181; 190-191 as 188-189. Mostly marginal dampstains (diminishing) to the title and preliminary pages, and again, diminishing, from the last page back to p. 479. Otherwise a very well-preserved copy. No auction records. Neither in Garrison-Morton, nor in Brunet, nor in Cat. BM(NH). Only two copies in libraries worldwide