Red-headed bunting. <em>Emberiza luteola</em>. [Henry Dresser's <em>A history of the birds of Europe</em>, plate 618].

Keulemans, J. G.

Red-headed bunting. Emberiza luteola. [Henry Dresser's A history of the birds of Europe, plate 618].

Published 1895
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London, for H. E. Dresser, 1895. Folio. A fine, large, lithographed plate drawn, engraved in stone, and hand-coloured by John Gerrard Keulemans. In an attractive wooden frame (44.2 x 39.2 cm).

A fine plate, typical for the work of the famous Anglo-Dutch natural history painter John Gerrard Keulemans (1842-1912). Published in the final part of the magnum opus of the British ornithologist Henry Eeles Dresser (1838-1915), "beautifully illustrated by J. G. Keulemans, Joseph Wolf, E. Neale and others" (Zimmer). The grassland yellow finch is a bird native to the regions around the Caspian Sea to India, but stray specimens are regularly seen in Europe. Well-framed. Some toning towards the edges, but otherwise very good, the colours strong and accurate. Anker, 120; Cat BM(NH) p. 479; Keulemans & Coldewey (1982) Feathers to Brush. The Victorian Bird Artist John Gerrard Keulemans 1842-1912; Nissen IVB, 267; Sitwell Fine Bird Books, 92; Zimmer, pp. 177-179.

Keulemans at his best

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