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A monograp...
Davidson, T.
A monograph of British Cretaceous Brachiopoda. [AND] M. R. Sahni, the Terebratulidae of the British Chalk. [AND] N. E. Pettitt, The Rhynchonellidae of the British Chalk.
London, The Palaeontographical Society, 1854-1953. 4to (27.0 x 20.6 cm). 205 pp., 21 [12, 9] lithographed plates; 62 pp.; ten plates; 58 pp., three plates. Later half calf, spine with five raised, gilt bordered bands, and gilt titles on spine. Edges speckled red.
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The complete Palaeontographical Society Cretaceous Brachiopoda
Dufrenoy, [O. P. A.] and [J. B. A. L. L.] Élie de Beaumont
Explication de la carte géologique de la France. Volumes I-IV (text and atlas), and two maps. [Complete].
Paris, Imprimerie Royale, Imprimerie Nationale, 1841-1879. Four volumes in seven, and a large map in six folded sheets, each ca. 70 x 205 cm (including borders) with linen covers. Large 4to (four text volumes; ca. 27.5 x 21.0 cm); folio (two atlas volumes, 26.8 x 35.7 cm). Tome premier: Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1841. Large 4to. xxii, 825 pp., 71 text engravings (mainly profiles); Tome deuxième: Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1848. Large 4to. xii, 813 pp., 105 text engravings (mainly views and profiles), one large, folded chromolithographed geological map (finished by hand) of France (printed surface: 57 x 54 cm, and consisting of 15 smaller sections, mounted on linen and folded) bound in the rear; Tome troisième. Première partie (by Dufrénoy): Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1873. Large 4to. viii, 231 pp., 18 text engravings (mainly profiles). Printed wrappers. Tome quatrième. Seconde partie. Végétaux fossiles du terrain houiller (by Zeiller): Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1879. Large 4to. 185 pp. Printed wrappers; Tome quatrième. Atlas (in two volumes). Première partie. Fossiles principaux des terrains (by É. Bayle). Seconde partie. Végétaux fossiles du terrain houiller (by Zeiller): Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1878. Folio. Title page, half title to first part. 86 lithographed plates with explanatory text leaves, numbered I-LXXXVI; 90 lithographed plates with explanatory text leaves, numbered LXXXVII-CLXXVI (the last 16 on plants), for a total of 176 plates. Volumes I, II, and IV plate volumes in near uniform contemporary dark-green pebbled morocco over marbled boards. Spines with five gilt-stippled bands, and gilt title. Marbled endpapers. The text volumes with top edge gilt, atlases with marbled top edges. Text volumes III and IV in original printed wrappers. The large chromolithographed map in six sheets (approximately 218 x 223 cm) is contained in a contemporary, book-like crimson box with gilt-lettered spine, with raised bands and patterned paper sides.
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Very rare complete set of the famous "Explication de la carte géologique de la France" with two (very) large maps
Ehrenberg, C. G.
Mikrogeologie. Das Erden und Felsen schaffende Wirken des unsichtbar kleinen selbständigen Lebens auf der Erde.
Leipzig, Leopold Voss, 1854. Folio (44.9 x 32.8 cm). Front wrapper, pasted on first blank, half-title, title page, dedication leaf, pp. [viii]-xxviii, [1]-374, half-title (to the plates), pp. [1]-31 (index); 41 fine, partly tinted and hand-coloured engraved plates (tissue-guarded) with (multiple) explanatory text leaves. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Gilt lines and title on spine. Marbled endpapers.
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A rare, massive work on micro-organisms
Ellis, J.
Natuurlyke historie van de koraal-gewassen en andere dergelyke zee-lighamen, die men gemeenelyk vind op de kusten van Groot-Brittanien en Ierland: benevens eene beschryving van een grooten zee-polyp, In den zomer van 't jaar 1753 by den Noord-Pool door de walvis-vangers gevonden. Uit het engels vertaald door Jan Tak.
's Gravenhage [The Hague], Pieter de Hondt, 1756. 4to (27.6 x 21.5 cm). xvi, 118 pp.; with a hand-coloured engraved frontispiece of a beautiful marine scene, a black and red printed title page, and 39 hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary calf binding, spine with raised bands and gilt floral motifs. Red speckled edges.
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A rare, beautifully hand-coloured copy
Fauna und...
Grassi, B.
Fauna und Flora des Golfes von Neapel und der angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte herausgegeben von der zoologischen Station zu Neapel. V. Monographie: Die Chaetognaten.
Leipzig, Wilhelm Engelmann, 1883. Large 4to (33.1 x 26.8 cm). Title pages, vii, 126 pp.; 13 fine, large, tinted lithographed plates (one partially in chromolithography), with explanatory text leaves; one text illustration. Original printed wrappers.
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An excellent copy of a rare, well-illustrated monograph on little-known marine worms
Haeckel, E.
Kunstformen der Natur. Plate 23. Cristatella - Bryozoa - Moostiere [Bryozoa]
Leipzig and Wien, Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, 1900. Folio-sized sheet, printed on one side (36.3 x 27.3 cm). Chromolithograph.
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Very fine lithograph by Ernst Haeckel, showing the unexpected beauty of moss animals
Jonston, J.
Historiae naturalis e quadrupeditus libri [I], de quadrupetibus, libri II [AND] III de insectis [AND] de serpentibus, libri V de piscubus et cetis [AND] IV, de exanguibus aquaticis, Libri VI. De avibus. [Complete].
Frankfurt am Main, Matthias Merian, 1650-1653. Six parts in four. Folio (32.6 x 19.6 cm) with 249 engraved plates and six engraved title pages (four resembling frontispieces, engraved by Matthias Merian). Part I (no date, but 1650) 232 [iv] pp.; 80 plates; Part III (AND) Part II (1653) 200, [vii]; 40, [iii] pp.; 40 [28, 12] plates; Part V (no date, but 1650) (AND) part IV (1650) 228; 78; [xii] pp.; 67 [47, 20] plates; Part VI (1650). 227, [vii] pp.; 62 plates. Contemporary uniform full mottled calf. Spines with six raised bands, compartments with rich gilt floral patterns and two green morocco labels with gilt titles.
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A complete copy of the rare first edition of Johnston's famous "Historiae Naturalis"
Histoire d...
Lacaze-Duthiers, [F. J.] H. de
Histoire des ascidies simples des côtes de France. Deuxième partie. Études des espèces.
Paris, [the author], 1877. 8vo (23.9 x 15.2 cm). 220 pp.; 14 partly hand-coloured engraved plates. In original green cloth with gilt title on the spine; black printed border and gilt vignette of the author's coat of arms on the front board.
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A rare and beautifully illustrated work on tunicates in a special binding
Leymerie, A. [F. G. A.]
Description géologique et paléontologique des Pyrenées de la Haute-Garonne accompagnée d'une carte topographique et géologique à l'echelle 1:200.000 et d'un Atlas...
Toulouse, Privat, 1878, 1881. In two volumes. Text (1881) 8vo (24.0 x 16.0 cm). Atlas (1878) oblong 4to (23.5 x 31.5 cm). 1,027 pp.; 51 lithographed plates of which 11 tinted or coloured (and of which 30 are on fossils), including a large folded transection of the Pyrenees, Haute Garonne, and the large coloured geological map (with 20 colours) mounted on linen. Original printed wrappers (text) and boards (atlas).
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A scarce and very important geological and palaeontological contribution to the Pyrenees
Traité de...
Pictet, F.
Traité de Paléontologie où histoire naturelle des animaux fossiles considérés dans leurs rapports zoologiques et géologiques. [Text and atlas, complete].
Paris, Baillière, 1853-1857. Five parts in five. 8vo (four text parts; 20.7 x 12.7 cm) and 4to (atlas; 30.7 x 23.5 cm). 110 fine lithographed plates. Later uniform half calf over original green cloth (text volumes) or olive grained calf with gilt-patterned borders (atlas). Spines with uniform gilt-bordered raised bands and brown morocco labels with gilt title. Text parts with speckled edges, atlas with marbled edges and marbled endpapers.
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A rare, complete set of the second, improved edition
Der Jura.
Quenstedt, F. A.
Der Jura.
Tübingen, H. Laupp, [1856]-1858. Thick 8vo (22.5 x 14.9 x 7.0 cm). vi, 1066 pp., 100 engraved plates, 42 text engravings and three hand-coloured, folded geological tabels. 20th century half calf over marbled boards. Spine with five raised, gilt-bordered bands and green morocco label with gilt title.
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An extremely well-illustrated work on the Jurassic system
Die fossil...
Reuss, A. E. Ritter von and A. Manzoni
Die fossilen Bryozoen des österreichisch-ungarischen Miocäns. I. Abtheilung. Salicornaridea, Cellularidea, Membraniporidea. [AND] Briozoi fossili del Miocene d'Austria ed Ungheria. II. Parte. Celleporidea, Escharidea, Vincularidea, Selenaridea. [AND] Parte. III. Crisidea, Idmoneidea, Entalophoridea, Tubuliporidea, Diastoporidea, Cerioporidea.
Wien, Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften (Karl Gerold's Sohn), 1873-1877. 4to (30.7 x 24.2 cm). 103 [50; 30; 24] pp., 46 [12; 16; 18] fine, lithographed plates. Later marbled wrappers. Original wrappers to each part bound in.
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A rare complete set