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Estudios s...
Amaral, A. Do
Estudios sobre ophidios Neotropicos XVII-XXII.
São Paulo, Instituto Butantan, 1929. 4to (26.4 x 18.3 cm). 337 pp.; with several plates and text figures. Original printed wrappers.
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A collection of rare papers on Brazilian snakes
Amaral, A. Do
Albinismo em "Cobra Coral" (1). [AND] Três subespecies novas de Micrurus corallinus (Wied): M. corallinus corallinus, M. corallinus riesei e M. corallinus dumerilii . (2) [AND] Da invalidez da especie colubrideo elapineo Miceurus ibiboboca (Merrem) e rediscripção de M. lemniscatus (L.) (3). [AND] Sobre a Lachesis muta Daudin, 1803, especie ovipara. (4) [AND] Da invalidez da especie de colubrideo dipsadinea Sibynomorpus peruanus (Boettger). (5) [AND] Da occurrencia de albinismo em cascavel. (6) [AND] Albinismo em "dorme-dorme", Sibynomorphus turgidus (Cope, 1869). (7) [AND] Ophidios sul-americanos do Museo Carnegie e especies novas de Griffin. (8) [AND] Sobre os nomes genericos de ophidios Liophis Wagler, 1830 e Leimadophis Fitzinger, 1843. (9) [AND] Da invalidez do nome generico de ophidios Erpetodryas ou Herpetodryas . [(10)*] [AND] Sobre a pholidose dorsal da especies de colubridea, Philodryas aestivus (Dm & Bibr., 1854) e sobre a invalidez de Philodryas campicola Jensen, 1900. (11) [AND] Variações das marcas doraes de Crotalus terrificus Laurenti, 1768. (12). [AND] Bicephalia em ophidios. (13) [AND] Esudo comparativo da evolução ontogenetica de Pseudoboa claelia (Daudin, 1803) e Ps. haasi (Boettger, 1906). (14).
São Paulo, Museo Paulista, 1927. 14 papers in one. 8vo (23.0 x 15.5 cm). 111 pp.; with several plates and text figures. Original printed wrappers.
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Collectanea ophiologica: Fourteen rare papers on South American snakes
Tableau en...
Bonnaterre, [P. J.]
Tableau encyclopédique et methodique des trois regnes de la nature, dédié et présenté a M. Necker, Ministre d'État, & Directeur Général des Finances. Ophiologie.
Paris, Panckoucke, 1790. Large 4to (30.5 x 23.5 cm). xliv, 76 pp.; plates A, 1-42. Title page of the part and the work. Contemporary (original?) marbled boards.
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The complete ophiology of the famous Encyclopédie Méthodique
Tableau en...
Bonnaterre, [P. J.]
Tableau encyclopédique et methodique des trois regnes de la nature, dédié et présenté a M. Necker, Ministre d'État, & Directeur Général des Finances. Erpétologie, ophiologie.
Paris, Panckoucke, 1789-1790. Large 4to (28.7 x 22.3 cm). xxviii, 70, [i] pp.; 69 engraved plates, as follows: 1-7 [amphibians], 1-6 [turtles], 1-12, 6(II) [reptiles]; xliv, 76 pp., 43 (A, 1-42) [snakes]. Beautiful period-style half calf over mottled boards. Rich gilt spine with five raised gilt-ornamented bands and red morocco label with gilt title. Marbled endpapers. Edges red.
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The complete amphibians and reptiles from the famous Encyclopédie Méthodique
A letter f...
Ellis, J.
A letter from John Ellis, Esq; F. R. S. to the President, on the Coluber cerastes , or horned viper of Egypt.
London, The Royal Society, 1766. 4to (22.0 x 16.5 cm). Four pp., one large double-folded plate. Disbound.
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First accurate illustration of the horned viper
De Venenis...
Grevin, J.
De Venenis Libri duo. Gallice primum ab eo scripti et a multis hactenus Latini desiderati et nunc tandem opera et Hieremiae Martij Augustanae Reipublicae Medici, in Latinum sermonem, summa fide & diligantia in rei medicae studiosorum utilitatem atque commodum conuersi. Quibus adiunctus est preaterea eiusdem auctoris de Antimonio tractatus, eodem interprete, una cum rerum memorabilium, praecipue ad operis calcem, indice.
Antverpiae, Christophor Plantin, 1571. 8vo (21.0 x 14.3 cm). Title page with engraved vignette. [xviii], 332, [xi] pp., and 92 woodcuts in the text. Original vellum. Title written in ink in an old hand on the spine.
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Early work on poisonous animals and plants including a great deal on herpetology
Journals o...
Grey, G.
Journals of two expeditions of discovery in north-west and western Australia during the years 1837, 38, and 39, under the authority of Her Majesty's Government. Describing many newly discovered, important and fertile districts, with observations on the moral and physical condition of the aboriginal inhabitants, &c., &c.
London, T. and W. Boone, 1841. Two volumes in two. 8vo (14.0 x 22.3 cm). Two lithographed frontispieces, one being hand-coloured and depicting a western-Australian Aboriginal person; (2), xiv, 412 pp., (16); vii, 482 pp.; 20 lithographed plates of which five hand-coloured. Original uniform embossed cloth. Gilt title and vignette on the spines. Yellow endpapers.
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First edition of an expedition narrative with chapters on the zoology and new, illustrated, herpetological species
Biologia C...
Günther, A. C. L. G.
Biologia Centrali Americana: Reptilia and Batrachia.
London, Taylor & Francis, 1885-1902. Large 4to (30.3 x 24.8 cm). xx, 326 pp., 76 plates (eight in full colour). Publisher's blue cloth. Gilt title on the spine. Top edge gilt.
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A great classic and a one of the most important contributions to herpetology by Günther
Six origin...
[Herpetology – snakes]
Six original watercolours of snakes with their names and description.
Unpublished, ca. 1850. Six sheets (22.1 x 18.2 cm), each with an ink and hand-coloured drawing of a snake [recto], and a description [verso]. Loose in portfolio.
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Six original, mid-19th-century watercolours of snakes
Annals of...
Holland, W. J. (Ed.)
Annals of the Carnegie Museum. Volumes I-XIII.
Pittsburgh, PA, The Carnegie Museum, 1901-1922. 13 volumes in 13. Large 8vo (23.8 x 16.0 cm). Numerous pages, plates, and text illustrations. Uniform green cloth with gilt title on the spines.
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A rare set with various herpetological contributions
Jonston, J.
Historiae naturalis e quadrupeditus libri [I], de quadrupetibus, libri II [AND] III de insectis [AND] de serpentibus, libri V de piscubus et cetis [AND] IV, de exanguibus aquaticis, Libri VI. De avibus. [Complete].
Frankfurt am Main, Matthias Merian, 1650-1653. Six parts in four. Folio (32.6 x 19.6 cm) with 249 engraved plates and six engraved title pages (four resembling frontispieces, engraved by Matthias Merian). Part I (no date, but 1650) 232 [iv] pp., 80 plates; Part III (AND) Part II (1653) 200, [vii]; 40, [iii] pp., 40 [28, 12] plates; Part V (no date, but 1650) (AND) part IV (1650) 228; 78; [xii] pp., 67 [47, 20] plates; Part VI (1650). 227, [vii] pp. 62 plates. Contemporary uniform full mottled calf. Spines with six raised bands, compartments with rich gilt floral patterns and two green morocco labels with gilt titles.
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A complete copy of the rare first edition of Johnston's famous "Historiae Naturalis"
Jonston, J.
Historiae naturalis de Insectis libri III. De serpentibus et draconibus, libri II cum aeneis figuris.
Heilbronn, Franciscus Josephus Eckebrecht, 1757. Folio (33.8 x 21.0 cm). Engraved title page; letterpress title page in red and black with engraved vignette; [iv], 212 (recte 210), [iv] pp.; letterpress title (to the Serpentibus ; verso blank); 3-55, [iii] pp.; 40 engraved plates [ Insectibus 28; Serpentibus 12]. Contemporary vellum. Spine with gilt title in gilt ornamental border. Edges red.
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Superior edition of Jonston's famous works on insects, snakes and monsters