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Escher, M. C.

Escher Adventures in Perception. [With handwritten letter by Maurits Escher to Han van Gelder, who produced an Oscar-nominated film about the artist and his work].

Published 1970
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Laren, the artist, 1970. Handwritten letter in black pen, dated "Laren, 27-XII-'70", written on a folded postcard featuring Escher's "Cycle", produced in 1970 by The Vorpal Galleries in San Francisco, CA.

Letter by the Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) to "Dear Mr and Mrs van Gelder" (Han van Gelder and An Melissen), signed "Met vriendelijke groet, hoogachtend" ["With kind regards, sincerely yours"] M.C. Escher" on the inside pages. Han van Gelder (1923-2012) was a Dutch director, who made a short film on Escher titled Adventures in Perception, which was nominated for an Oscar. "Highlight was a film that Van Gelder made in 1969 on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher: Adventures in Perception, or With an Eye to Adventure. The film received prizes and honourable mentions at various film festivals and was nominated for an Oscar in 1972. Escher himself was especially surprised to see in the film how his six-legged Wentelteefje or Rolpens, (Wheel-Weevil, or Roll-Up) really started to walk, roll and stop again" (Wikipedia). The Wheel-Weevil, " Pedalter-norotandomovens centroculatus articulosus", was invented by Escher because of his dissatisfaction with nature never having invented the wheel. The letter deals with this documentary: "I regret that I will not be able to attend the 'Première' of my film: in early or mid-January I will have to undergo, again, minor surgery (...). There are 2 more critical remarks: 1) Several of my friends have pointed out to me that the part of the film in which I myself appear is too red: 'you don't have such a brick-red face', they say Is there what to do about it? (...) I wish you both the very best in the new year 1971!". Original printed card with the lithograph Kringloop, or Cycle (Bool 305) on the front side, and an explanation, in English, on the rear side. Provenance: a member of the Van Gelder family. Together with: a very rare flyer for the film, the first in the series, The Living Arts in the Netherlands. Also included in the lot are two original photos of Han van Gelder, both showing him holding a copy of Escher's lithograph Klimmen en Dalen ( Ascending and Descending; Bool 435), which features prominently in Van Gelder's film. Postcard paper a bit toned and very slightly soiled, otherwise in excellent condition. Letters by Escher are very scarce. Bool 374, 375 ( Wentelteefje).

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